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You don't need a large consulting team.
Es braucht nicht einen Haufen von Beratern.

Digitalization* = Digitization + Transformation
About Digitization Projects
Did you know?
The average satisfaction factor about digitalization projects
is ONLY at about 50%.
Can you imagine why?
 Exceeding the budget and timeline.
And limited benefit.
Contrived in an office tower.
Über Digitalisierungsprojekte
Wussten Sie?
Der durchschnittliche Zufriedenheitsfaktor bei Digitalisationsprojekten liegt bei etwa NUR 50%.
Warum wohl?
 Überschreitung von Budget, Zeit.
Begrenzter Nutzen.
Im Büroturm ausgedacht.
we adress CEO, CDO, CFO, Geschäftsführer, Managing Directors
The 10 biggest threads for digitalization
Die 10 größten Fallstricke
Digitalization has to be a top-level issue.
Digitalisation muss Chefsache sein.
We are coaches for Small and Medium Enterprises and have successfully finished more than 75 cases.
The European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency (EISMEA) has been set-up by the European Commission to manage on its behalf several EU programmes.
EIC accelerator for SMEs
Support of up to 70% for a maximum total project volume of € 2.5m,
alternatively also with equity. Read more about
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We are coaches for SME in the maritime economy, a new programme set up end of 2019.
for the maritime and blue economy
EU Maritime Forum
The BlueInvest platform supports investment readiness and access to finance for early-stage businesses, SMEs and scale-ups in the blue economy.
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Wir sind Berater der Offensive Mittelstand
Zugelassene Berater und Unterstützter für Offensive Mittelstand
Förderung von Projekten
Checks und Praxishilfen
Netzwerke vorort — im Fach
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Trust your intuition.
Vertrauen Sie Ihrer Intuition.
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